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How to Turn a New House Into a Home

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Moving into a new home is something that all Americans will experience at some point in their lives. This is just a rite of passage as we grow from children into self-sustaining adults. However, making this new space that we return to at the end of each working day feel like a home is another matter entirely. Building a home that you feel comfortable and safe intakes a careful eye for detail and a bit of patience.

Creating the perfect living space that will suit your needs is all about understanding your own lifestyle and personal taste. Beginning here can give you powerful insight into the things that will make for a lifelong love of your family’s home. Read on for more tips on building the perfect space!

Read into your own personal style.


Professional realtors like John Foresi from Venterra Realty know the importance of this step in the home buying and renovation, redecoration, and personalization processes that go into the long arc of moving. Venterra Realty and others like the firm often suggest that their clients take some time to think about the lifestyle additions that make them happy. Perhaps your family loves the outdoors, includes a member that works his or her business days from home, or needs to consider the needs of a beloved pet. No matter what makes you tick, creating a mental list of the types of inclusions that create a comfortable space whether you’re moving into an apartment community in one of numerous major US cities, like New York or Los Angeles, or a detached house in the suburbs.

Style is something that’s hard to pin down, so starting early can help you hone in on the pictures you might want to hang up on the walls or color choices that will make the room sparkle for you and your family while boosting the home’s appraisal value as well.

Consider the quality of life renovations as soon as possible.

For families that enjoy spending time in the yard, for instance, the reimagining of your patio space can be a transformative experience that really brings the home together in your eyes. Time spent outside is fantastic for blood circulation, stress reduction, and many other benefits of healthy living, so an immediate renovation project could be the best way to improve your mood and quality of life while also recreating the home with some elements of your own personal touches.

Add personalized images for a homely touch.


Residents in the United States, Canada, and all around the world all share in the joy of looking through family photos. With a canvas print partner that you trust with your family’s treasured memories, like Canvas n Decor, you can enjoy the quick turnaround (typically just a few business days) of a professional canvas printing outfit that can turn your photo album into a masterful canvas representation for hanging or display in other ways throughout the home.

Canvas prints are a favorite among homeowners. Canvas is a high-quality material that can stand up to the rigors of young children and life’s constant delivery of accidents. Canvas offers a replacement to the potentially dangerous glass frames that once adorned the walls of many homes in Canada and the United States, and the images come out in stunning detail. Adding pictures that document your favorite vacations together and life’s many important moments is a great way to create the perfect home environment that provides you with the comfort that you’ve been seeking.

Building the perfect home space takes some time and an eye for detail. Start with the things that make you happy and add personal touches to your house in order to truly create the home you’ve been looking for.