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5 Steps to Selling Stuff Online

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In a world of Amazon Prime and a greater “click and mortar” presence for existing retailers, it seems as though you can sell just about anything online these days. While it’s amazing to see all of the options available at your fingertips, it’s hard for a small business to carve their way into the game among the big fish.

However, there are simple steps that a one-person operation or business of dozens can take to get attention and keep customers coming back for more.


Finding a Niche

With so much available online, vendors need to try and carve their own path by offering something no other merchant can. Most niche products are designed to resolve a problem that potential customers are facing. By thinking about whose problem you’re trying to solve, you’ll be able to identify who your consumers are.

One way to identify possible problems you could solve do is to read consumer feedback from social platforms of competitors or of businesses in your market space. When you know your product could address a problem brought up by a consumer, let them know what your product could do for them. While this does generate impulse buys, it could serve as the foundation to build a consistent customer base that’s very much aware of the value that your niche brings to the table.

Proper Marketing

Just like carving a niche in the marketplace, creativity and uniqueness in marketing can help a small business stand out. Business logo stickers help you create a consistent branded presence when you add them to your products, packages, and mailings.

Mines Press helps companies create their own personalized business stickers and roll stickers. Custom logo stickers will reinforce your business’ promotional efforts, support a professional image, and could be the deciding factor between the success or failure of an entire promotional campaign.

A small business sticker or personalized business card could be just the touch to bring greater attention to your operation before any other.

Building an Online Store

Unlike a physical storefront where you need a physical place where shoppers can visit, selling online only requires you to have a platform that allows you to virtually upload all your products. In building an online store, it’s crucial that it’s not only visible to potential shoppers but also responsive and well-optimized to make finding your business, shopping, and checking out as seamless as possible for the user.

There are third-party channels that could be used for quicker development, but those sites sometimes come with extra fees for premium accounts to really put your small business at the forefront. Usually, though, an investment in your website is worth the cost. You just have to think about what features and services are most important before seeking out a web development company.


Addressing Payment Options

It’s important for you to get paid for what you’re offering, but it’s even more important to provide customers with multiple options to make it easier for them to pay.

The PCI compliant call center from Bright Pattern implements the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is a set of security standards designed to ensure that all companies and merchants that accept, process, store, or transmit credit cards and credit card information maintain a secure environment. PCI Data Security Standard is required for vendors and merchants to accept card payment from customers and act as credit card processors.

Credit card transactions for all major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) are kept protected through strong cryptography and security protocols that ensure sensitive data remains protected.

PCI DSS also conducts regular vulnerability assessments and scans of security infrastructure for security risk detection to ensure hackers are kept at bay.

Optimizing Shopper Experience

Nothing you ever do in your business will be finished; in some ways, everything is permanently in test mode. Constant optimization will keep your small business on the path forward. This will bear good news for your bottom line, attracting repeat customers to your products, while building a brand that you can take satisfaction in. By offering things like free shipping, frequent customer benefits, and easier access to your products through social media shopping platforms you can continue to build your online sales presence.