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7 Online Business Ideas to Start in 2020

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Whether you’re a tech whiz or want more remote work opportunities, online businesses are a great idea. You can begin with as little as an internet connection and a good concept. Several small businesses are setting up online to increase efficiency and lower costs; ecommerce stores are more popular than ever, and even physical stores are starting online stores to increase sales.

You can start an online business to help businesses increase customer satisfaction and customer experience. You can flip website domains or partner with a cloud-based contact center. Or, you can set up a software to help businesses with everything from workflow to outbound calls and inventory management. The possibilities are endless.

Online businesses are booming in the U.S., but you need to know how to start one successfully. One of the key features of small business success is knowing how to use your skills to attract the right customers. Whether you want to take your entire business online or start a side gig, there are endless options. Take a look at the small businesses you can begin online this year.

1. Start a cloud-based service.


Companies are always looking for contact center and call center solutions for their business. Consider partnering with cloud based call centers for your customer service needs if you have a small business. The growing trend of call center software for everything from customer interaction to customer experience services makes it a great business idea.

Instead of hiring a sales team, a call center specialist, or setting up an in-house contact center, businesses are now looking to cloud-based call centers. The online service offers a variety of solutions at your fingertips. From live chat and call recording options to a third-party salesforce that helps with customer support, businesses benefit significantly from these call center solutions.

2. Set up an online store.

Online stores and eCommerce sites are a great business idea. If you have a product to sell, this is one of the best business ideas. If you have a brick-and-mortar store and want to reach new customers, consider selling your products online. Small businesses can particularly benefit from taking their physical stores online.

Integration for a retail store that wants to add an online store to its business plan isn’t easy. Consider getting a service that will use your eCommerce point of sale and customer data to create and regularly update your online store. It will help ensure functionality for your eCommerce store and bring in new customers for your product.

You can also try starting a dropshipping or eCommerce store online. It’s perfect for those who don’t have a product to sell but want to get into the online store businesses. With a good eCommerce setup, you can help shoppers find products from a variety of brands. Since you’re the outlet or vendor for their purchases, you earn a commission for each sale.

3. Sell your expertise.


Do you have a skill you think people could learn from you? One of the key features of a successful online business is having an excellent product to sell. And, if you consider online courses and coaching, your expertise is the product on offer. Your skillset can include anything from finance and financial planning to sales team training.

You can coach writers, graphic designers, and supervisors. Start by setting up a website and promoting your skills through social media. Organize after-hour classes to increase your customer base and include those who are working during the day. Remember to offer promotions and referral discounts for existing clients who bring in new customers. It will help increase your reach as an online teacher.

4. Focus on web development.


Do you love coding? Has your website received several compliments? Consider starting your own web development business. Web development is an easy way to step into the online business scene if you know more than the basics about how to build a website. You can also help existing online stores with your web development skills.

And, you can help create customer profiles or a movie app for an eCommerce platform. If you have a good handle on coding and design, you can help with CRM integration, POS software, or other advanced features that websites need to update their existing sites.

5. Become a graphic designer.


With everything from advertising to marketing going online these days, graphic designers are in high demand. A job like this is the best fit for an artist with a good grasp of technology. As a graphic designer, you can help brands create their online sales and advertising campaigns. You can create graphics for social media handles or help web developers with attractive website landing pages.

6. Start a profitable blog.

So, you don’t have the technological skills to get into web development or cloud contact center solutions. With an internet connection and good writing skills, you can start your own online business. How often have you browsed through a blog and thought you could write something better? Well, this is the time to do it. Monetizing a blog is not easy, but once you perfect your online sales strategy, the profits will start flooding in.

7. Start a monetized podcast.

You may think of this as a side-gig at first, but you can generate a significant income from a podcast. And you can turn your podcast into a small business with a few wise moves. From paid sponsors to branding and marketing podcast-related products, this is a great business idea.

You can start a podcast about anything. Consider reviewing your favorite books, talking about policies or sport, or offering shoppers a rundown of the latest products. Promote your podcast through social media, offer listeners gift cards, and partner with vendors to ensure success.