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5 Tips to Keep Your Salon Running Smoothly

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Running a successful salon will keep you busy. Between delivering great customer service, hiring the right team members, handling payment applications, and creating an inviting atmosphere, there’s a lot to manage. Take a look at some tips that will help you keep your place running smoothly so that your business can grow.

1. Recruit efficient staff members.

Running any efficient business starts by recruiting top-notch staff members. Any time there is a vacancy, you should act fast to schedule interviews for a new team member.

Scheduling interviews is an important task for your recruiting team. The best way to streamline the hiring process for your hiring team is to use an interview scheduling tool that automatically syncs with your calendar. GoodTime interview scheduling platform allows the right candidates to self-schedule their interviews. Applicants enjoy an excellent candidate experience when interacting with the recruiting software. It gives your hiring manager interview training tools to streamline the interview process and find the newest salon team member in a timely manner.


2. Create a functional yet ambient interior.

The design and concept of your salon play a large part in your customer experience. The ideal interior is functional, ambient, and soothing. The equipment you choose for your workstations should also be comfortable and stylish.

Keller International supplies next-level barber and salon furnishings with unique designs and affordable prices. Their shampoo bowls and shampoo chairs add style and comfort to your washing station. A modern, European design shampoo bowl chair gives your team members the ability to massage clients’ scalps from all sides to alleviate back and neck strain. Keller International carries a range of backwash units, shampoo cabinets, and shampoo bowls in modern and classic styles to suit any salon interior. Revamp your shampoo area today with their innovative pieces.


3. Manage the budget.

Staying on top of your financial obligations and managing the budget is important to running smoothly. Tracking your spending on products, storefront upkeep, and staff salaries is time-consuming yet necessary to avoid overspending. The best way to spend efficiently without giving yourself a headache is to outsource payment processing with Smart Payables.

The platform makes it simple to print paper checks, send electronic checks, and issue electronic payments so you can spend less time managing your payment solutions. Smart Payables provides ACH/direct deposit automation to service providers, credit card processing, and analytics reports. The platform meets PCI compliance standards to ensure card data is secure. Protect your bottom line by outsourcing your payment processing so you can focus attention on where it matters most.


4. Invest in your staff.

The quality of customer service associated with your salon is what keeps clients coming back. More than anything, clients return because they are loyal to their stylists. It’s a good idea to invest in your staff by taking care of them and doing what it takes to make a positive impact on employee morale. Offer competitive pay and benefits, acknowledge top performer(s), and listen to their needs. When your team members are happy, your customers will have a better experience that encourages them to return.


5. Take and listen to customer feedback.

The best way to learn how you can improve your operations is by taking customer feedback. Listen to what your clients have to say about your business and be willing to act on their suggestions. Customer feedback is the most accurate way to learn what your clients truly want in a salon experience. When your customers notice that their feedback is being listened to, they will feel appreciated. Happy customers are likely to be ambassadors by referring their friends and family to your door.

With the right tools, a focus on customers, and investment in your team members, your salon will run smoothly so that you can take your business to the next level.