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Your Guide to an International Relocation

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Moving abroad is something that millions of Americans aspire to in their early years. The State Department estimates that some ten million U.S. citizens live abroad, yet so many people still in the U.S. find that the hurdles to moving out of the country are just too great to clear.

Oftentimes, they end up giving up on this dream altogether. An international relocation—whether coming in your early twenties or later on in life—can act as a fresh start and a never-ending adventure that always pays out in spades.

The truth is that relocating abroad isn’t as difficult as you might initially think. The trick is sticking with your goal through the first roadblocks. You’ll likely meet some early challenges, but as you grow and develop these will become just another part of the story you’ll one day tell.

Start with your language needs.


Movers who go abroad often run into language and communication issues in their first days and months on foreign soil. One way to circumvent this problem is with the help of a language service provider with a long history of success, like K International. It’s a great idea to circle K International on your travel plans in the months leading up to your move because speech and communication will form a huge component of your overall success in this new environment.

K International has worked with government and business leaders to create patterns of successful language acquisition that are proven to work for learners of all types. Rather than relying on a pocket phrasebook or rudimentary signaling with your hands to barter or find the bathroom, learning to speak the language of your new home is the best way to jump-start your new life.

Speaking in the local language is an important part of the immersion process that you will go through once you arrive. There will always be culture shock that comes along with a move abroad, but combatting these feelings of sadness or anxiety is best done with the help of continued learning experiences.

Putting your language skills to the test can help you feel like a part of the tapestry of this new country, city, or local community. Whether you’re on a short study trip abroad or moving to a new country for work, getting to know the local customs and language norms is crucial to making this a successful transition.

Hire a mover to navigate the transfer of your belongings.


Movers are a key feature in the transition period that sees you boarding long-haul flights or driving through the night to your new home. Whether you’re just hopping across the border or flying halfway around the world to start your new life, a mover is a great asset during this time of great change.

Companies like Solomon & Sons Relocation service does a fine job of boxing up your belongings and preparing them for the journey (see more at Solomon & Sons Relocation are movers based in South Florida, but they facilitate national and international movements on a routine basis. The movers who will handle your move operate within the strictest of schedules and in reading recent reviews, always get the job done with safety and security as a top priority.

Hiring one of the best moving companies in your local area to handle the transfer of your belongings helps you free up time for the various other tasks that are essential for getting the move right. You’ll also need to find a place to live, set up bank accounts, and much more.

These are all straightforward tasks when approached on their own, but if you don’t find the assistance you need for the move and acclimation process the pile of to-do items can quickly become out of hand. Prioritize the big-ticket items and hire the help that will make your move seamless.