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Which Field of Law Should I Study?

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The field of law is multifaceted. What interests one law student might not be of any interest to another. For this reason, it’s a good idea to understand the types of law you’d enjoy practicing most before applying to law school. If you’re considering applying to top colleges and earning a law degree, taking some time to research your options ahead of time is a great way to go. For a closer look at just a few of the types of law that you could potentially specialize in, read further.

Criminal Law Attorneys


Before filling out college applications for top law schools, it’s a good idea to get a handle on the types of law that would keep you interested for the long term. For many law students, specializing in criminal litigation and criminal law is a great choice. If you have an interest in law enforcement and the pursuit of justice, becoming a criminal defense lawyer or prosecutor could be right for you.

As a criminal lawyer, you’ll play a big role in defending or prosecuting people charged with crimes. Your hard work as a criminal defense lawyer will equate to how a client is treated after being accused of a crime. Or, if you decide to work for the state, your work will go a long way in getting justice for victims of crimes.

If you’re considering a criminal specialty, it’s important that you’re comfortable working in courts, making trial motions, and with public speaking. While some of your work will be done behind closed doors, your litigation skills in the public courtroom will be put to the test. As a criminal lawyer, you’ll need to think quickly and communicate efficiently. You’ll also need the ability to represent a diverse population and people charged with all levels of and types of crime.

Civil Litigation Lawyers


As a civil litigator, you should be someone who’s comfortable with paperwork and the complex issues that come with a litigation law specialty. While your clients won’t be facing jail time, civil suits can put at risk their financial well-being. To specialize in civil law, you’ll want a business mind and should feel comfortable with numbers and understanding finances. Most of your work will be done through mediation and settlement conferences. You’ll want to be comfortable working with small and bigger businesses and have a good understanding of tax law, too.

Family Lawyers


Attorneys who specialize in family law work with families in transition. Whether you represent a spouse in a divorce case or help parents to adopt a child, your work will add up to making a big difference in your clients’ lives. Family lawyers can also work with the department of health and human services in cases where a minor’s safety at home is at risk. If you have an interest in families and consider yourself good with people and empathetic, this could be the right type of law for you.

Personal Injury Lawyers


Personal injury lawyers also need to be empathetic. With clients suffering from serious injuries, often to no fault of their own, personal injury attorneys work to help get fair compensation. If you’re passionate about getting people the money they deserve after a serious accident, a personal injury specialty could be right for you.

The type of law you decide to specialize in is a personal decision. Whether you wait to decide before applying for admissions or make that decision once you’ve begun official courses, keeping an open mind about the options out there is a great way to be sure you’ll be happy down the road. Best of luck to you in your evaluation of the right type of law for you. Soon enough, you’ll be well on your way to the next step of completing your legal education.