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The Best Eco-Friendly Practices for the Workplace

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Doesn’t it feel like we should be way past the point of litigating the validity of climate change? At this point, it’s time to put political leanings aside and begin thinking about ways to protect our planet. When you consider the vastness of the universe and the fact that Earth is the only habitable planet we’ve found, our planet is nothing short of miraculous. We owe it to ourselves and Gaia to preserve her natural beauty and resources for the sake of our planet and future generations.

The United States is a country where businesses have often taken the lead on many of our most important issues. We need the business sector to take the lead once more, and this time on behalf of our planet. We’ve outlined some eco-friendly practices you can implement in your company that can help reduce its carbon footprint. Hopefully, these tips will help your company lead your community in the effort to protect our planet.

Use eco-friendly packaging.

For years, environmentalists have been telling us about the dangers pollution from nonbiodegradable packaging materials causes to our streets, forests, and oceans. Indeed, the dangers extend far beyond sea turtles getting caught up in drink holders. That’s why Earthwise Packaging is committed to helping reduce the amount of plastic waste and promote sustainability by using organic materials.

Earthwise’s proprietary Biomax material is a green alternative to fossil-fuel plastics. We can’t tell you all that goes into making Earthwise’s eco-friendly containers and other packaging solutions here. However, we can tell you they have an excellent BBB business profile, which speaks to the integrity of their business operations and courteous customer service. To learn how Earthwise can help your company join the Green Revolution, visit earthwisepackaging.com.

Find distributors that share your eco-friendly values.


One of the great things about the American economy is you can use your consumer dollars to impact social change. In the last few years, we’ve seen how consumers are able to effect social change by putting pressure on their favorite brands. You can do the same as a businessperson by aligning with distributors whose values are in sync with your own.

Let’s say you run a supplement company and want to use your business to help promote protecting our environment. You could do your research to find vitamin distributors whose ethos matches your own and only use all-natural ingredients in their nutritional supplements. You could even have them create custom vitamin packs with an eco-friendly message or reminder on them for customers. Finding the right partners is essential to your business and saving our planet.

Offer incentives to get customers and employees involved.


As a business owner, you can even use perks and discounts to get your customers and employees motivated to adopt eco-friendly practices. You could offer loyalty rewards and perks to customers who recycle packaging from your products at your store. You could also provide gas cards to employees to encourage carpooling. With a little creativity, you can influence others to go green with your company.

Many of the most important changes in our country occurred because the business world led the charge. As an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to be a leader in your community. Your position gives you a platform to effect positive change that impacts our planet. Unless and until we find another habitable planet, this is all we have.

You can significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint by switching to eco-friendly Earthwise Packaging. Earthwise is a great partner in the fight against climate change. You should also seek to find distributors and other partners who share your green values. You can also use perks and discounts to influence employees and patrons to get in on the act. Furthermore, prioritizing energy-efficient best practices, equipment, and utilities will help save the planet and some coin. After all, what’s good for Mother Earth is good for all her children.