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Surviving COVID-19: 5 Need-to-Know Salon Customer Service Tips

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Running a hair salon during a pandemic is something that most salon owners probably never considered before COVID-19 became a part of our daily vocabulary. Depending on where you are located in the United States, your barber shop or salon may not even be open yet as we wait for the case rate to decline. If, however, you have been allowed to reopen, then you are more than likely reeling from the shock of being closed for several months.

As you focus on reopening your salon, here are five things you need to consider when it comes to customer service during this unprecedented pandemic that has changed so much for us all.

1. Customers may be waiting longer than usual.

As new rules and CDC guidelines take effect, your customers may be waiting longer than usual to get a haircut or color treatment. If you do not already have comfortable salon chairs for them to sit in, consider purchasing new Keller salon equipment that will provide them with a nice place to sit. Upgrade other beauty salon equipment as well as you rearrange the space to help with maintaining social distancing and protecting your customers and staff as much as possible. You may need to look at innovative barber furniture to make this happen.

2. Consider working with a virtual call center to book appointments.

If you or any of your staff end up feeling sick during this time, you may end up short-staffed and find it harder to answer the phone while also working with customers in-house. If you have virtual call center software that can take your calls for you, then that cuts down on missed phone calls that could mean money for you. A call center representative can book appointments and answer basic questions about your beauty salon for you. Certain call center software also comes with integration that can link your calls up to a customer database where you can access information about them and past barber services you provided to them.

3. Work out of a home office to cut down on costs.

Many salon owners lost cash flow while the entire country experienced different levels of a shutdown thanks to the coronavirus. Cutting costs is likely high on your list and rent is a high cost that could potentially be cut down if you have the ability to open a smaller salon directly from your home. This may benefit you in the long run and give you a chance to reassess your business plan after recovering from COVID-19. You’ll still need to remain in compliance with regulations but it may be simpler this way.

4. Add other cosmetic procedures to your repertoire.

If you do not already offer other cosmetic procedures such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, and more, then think about adding those to your list of services. People are looking to reduce the number of trips they make to places outside the home, and if your business offers more than haircuts, colors, and trims, then you may appeal to a greater audience which in turn could help to boost your revenue.

5. Create special offers or distribute coupons that incentivize people to visit you.

While you are struggling with money, many other Americans are as well. If you can provide some kind of special offer or coupon such as 20 percent off of a color retouch or a $15 special for men’s haircuts, that could be an incentive for people to visit you instead of a competing haircut place. Once you get them in the doors, then provide excellent customer service so that they are inclined to turn into a repeat customer and will come to see you over their old barber.