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How Long Should Your Home Build Really Take

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You’re finally at the point where you can consider building your dream home. This is an exciting time filled with many choices, decisions, and a lot of time and dedication to a vision. You’re eager to get started, but it’s important to consider the time-frame, home building companies, and steps for such a project. Keep on reading to learn more about the time and effort it takes to perfect the home building process.


The first part of any home build is planning. Planning takes time on both the home owner’s end and your home builder. Part of the appeal to building a home versus homebuying is that get to personalize the space for your specific selections and wants. This means you’ll have to consider things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, single or double story, opinions on floor plans, and even outdoor space.

If you’re not inclined towards interior design or home building, leave these details to an expert Home Builder company. Homebuilders like Dennis Family Homes are experts at creating new home designs that you will undoubtedly love. Their home builder company specializes in creating beautiful, functional homes. Dennis Family Homes will build you the breathtaking home of your dreams, but they also put sustainability and energy efficiency at the top of their lists too, which many other home builders overlook.


You are almost ready for construction of your home, but there’s one thing you need to consider first. This consideration is where exactly it is going to be built. It can be challenging to search for a plot of land that you like enough to buy to build a house on. This home builder prevents this unnecessary wild goose chase of finding land by providing a land and home package. Their land and home package allow the buyer a more efficient building process.

Once you’ve squared away a design from one of their many model homes with your builder and your land, it’s time to get building! It’s estimated that it takes anywhere between four and twelve months to build a new home. During construction, you can expect to get all of your desired amenities checked off the list.

From the technical side, your home builder will roughly follow these steps. You begin with getting land and construction permits, laying concrete for the foundation, rough framing, rough plumbing, insulation, drywall, interior and exterior trimmings, flooring and counter installation, light fixtures, and mechanical trims, landscaping, and a final walkthrough. You might be feeling overwhelmed after reading all of this. Yes, it’s a lot of steps for the buyer, but that’s exactly why leaving it up to the experts alleviates stress on your end.


If you need more reasons to contact Dennis Home Builders, do it for the assistance they provide with styling the interior of your new home. They will make the house personal to you by including unique touches to the finish of the wood flooring, fittings, fixtures, and color schemes. Their Color Consultation allows you to get the nitty-gritty details exactly the way you desire without any clashing colors your patterns you might have overlooked. You can get your kitchen filled with the colors you love, spaces for energy star appliances, beautiful cabinetry, and countertops- all with their assistance. With their help, you will adore both the interior and exterior of your home while remaining affordable.

Now that you’ve gotten some of your new home building questions answered, you can move forward with your build. No matter what step of the process you’re in, remember that good things take time! All of the hard work from your home builders and the waiting time will all be worth it once you’re living in your personalized dream home.