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How To Upgrade and Modernize Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most important and most used rooms in the house. The bathrooms make a significant difference in value and perceived value. The bathroom is one of the focal points when trying to sell a home because it is one of the two main rooms potential buyers will be interested in. The bathroom is a personal space, so people want it to be luxurious, functional, and easy to clean. Even if you aren’t thinking about selling your house, you can upgrade and modernize the room for your enjoyment. Here are four upgrades to consider.

1. New Countertops


The vanity countertops are critical to the overall look and feel of the bathroom. They should be spacious to accommodate the needs of the people who will be using the room, but they should also be beautiful. Popular options are granite countertops as well as marble, quartz, soapstone, and other natural stone. Natural stones have an authentic beauty that can’t be replicated with fabricated materials. They are strong, durable, and easy to clean with the right cleaning solution and tools. It’s essential to know how to care for your stone countertops, so you don’t accidentally ruin the surface, diminishing its beauty.

2. Toilet Upgrade


If you haven’t seen them yet, rimless toilets are very modern. They appear sleek and make cleaning much easier. When it comes to the toilet and its area, cleanliness is critical. As a homeowner, you want it to be easy to clean those areas because while you know it needs to be done, you don’t want to do it. Many people may not realize that toilets can come in different sizes to suit your needs, so if you’ve always found standard toilets to be uncomfortable, you can look at your other options to find something better.

3. Shower Replacement


Large spa-like showers are very modern and something new homeowners look for. If you still have an old shower head over the bathtub, you should consider a shower replacement. You can get a more oversized shower with showerheads that provide a better overall experience. You can have a bench put in the shower or shelves to accommodate your shower essentials. Many newer showers have multiple shower heads to make your shower experience more enjoyable. They can also be large enough to shower with a partner. Most newer showers are constructed with tile, making them easier to clean and giving you a wide range of look, color, and texture options. Tile also allows you to create a shower that isn’t the standard shape and size.

4. Tile Work


Tile work is very in right now for the floor, shower, and even walls. You can do a lot with tile work in regard to colors and textures. You can mix and match different tiles to create a unique look. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, so they are perfect for a room that is going to get cleaned on a regular basis. When choosing tiles, consider where they will be put and the functionality of the room. For example, putting textured tiles on the floor will make them more challenging to mop clean. However, textures tiles will make the floor more slip-resistant. You can use various tiles in one space as long as they coordinate with each other.

Upgrading and modernizing the bathroom can be expensive due to the amount of plumbing, fixtures, and specialized needs in the space. However, it is a room worth investing more money into due to its high usage. It can become the focal point of your home and a critical part of your self-care routine as you feel more comfortable being in the space and taking care of yourself and your needs.