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How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is upon us. The question is, is your home ready to keep you sheltered if a hurricane were to pass over your neighborhood today? If you’re unsure of the answer, here’s a list of ways you can prepare your home for hurricane season.



Insurance is one of the first things you should get for your home as you don’t know the turns life can take. However, if your home is in an area where flash flood warnings are common, or you notice that your house gets a bit too much water inside during hurricane season, then you should consider getting flood insurance. Flood insurance will cover the damages caused by natural disasters such as inland flooding, seasonal storm flooding, and flash flooding, which are not covered by homeowners’ or renters’ policies.

Air Conditioner

Another thing to look into is your air conditioner or furnace’s status for this season. You want to prepare your HVAC system for a hurricane by regularly maintaining it and applying the necessary repairs to it. Your air condition may strain itself during this hurricane season if there are any air leaks or drafts in your windows and can therefore cause damage to itself.

If your HVAC unit is not properly maintained, it can accumulate too much humidity and debris and cause mold or mildew as well as allergies. This can cause your home to become odorous and harm your and your family’s health. Calling an HVAC technician can save you this trouble. It can also help you save money, in the long run, by avoiding any further damage and overpaying for repairs.



Additionally, you can make sure your house is leak-free and secured during a hurricane by contracting one of the best roofing companies in Melbourne, FL, Pro’s Choice Roofing. They will ensure your roof is ready to sustain heavy rainfall and high winds during these hurricane-filled months. In addition, their roofing specialists are ready to upgrade your roof so you and your family can stay safe and your house intact. Call them today to schedule your free inspection.

Windows and Doors

Your doors and windows need to be held in place to sustain winds and prevent water from getting into your house. This time of year, it’s essential your doors, including your garage doors, are strongly reinforced, so they don’t end up being blown away by strong wind gusts. You can also add sandbags or draft blockers underneath your doors to prevent rainwater from flooding your home.

Likewise, your windows need to be completely secured and caulked so you won’t have any air or water leaks coming into your home. This will not only help you during hurricane season; it will also help keep your utility bills lower during the rest of the year.



Ensure your patio is clear of loose items that can become hazardous under strong winds. For example, store your lawn decorations and patio furniture as they can become projectiles in a heavy storm. You can store these items inside your home, a secured and bolted shed on your patio, or in a self-storage unit.


Stocking food for hurricane season is essential. Make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with non-perishable foods like beans, nut butter, canned fish, and vegetables, among others. Additionally, if you have or can invest in a good power generator that can sustain your refrigerator, you may also want to buy some cold things. Be sure you have a stove you can cook these things in; otherwise, you may just be wasting money on power and perishable foods.

These tips will help you get through this next hurricane season in a breeze.