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How To Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

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A successful remodeling project can increase the value of your home. Projects that boost the appeal tend to help the property look good for prospective buyers. For example, kitchen remodeling can potentially return a significant value on investment. A typical kitchen remodel involves the addition of new cookware, appliances, and countertops.

If you’re in the process of kitchen remodeling, there are a few things to do before the project begins. For help and guidance, we’ve listed a few tips to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

Assess your needs.

Everyone’s idea of a kitchen varies based on their taste and lifestyle. Some homeowners might opt for a basic tear-out remodeling, which involves pulling out flooring, countertops, and cabinets. Many others go for an extensive remodeling that involves knocking down walls, carrying out electrical work to accommodate new appliances, and fixing various plumbing issues.

Let’s say you have a leaky faucet in your home that requires urgent attention. Don’t hesitate to hire a licensed plumber to come and check it out. Plumbing is one of many household repairs that should be left to professionals to handle. Finding the best plumber who will treat your plumbing problem is urgent, but finding a reliable plumber these days can be frustrating. However, a simple web search can return an extensive list of commercial plumbers within your locality.

For example, if you live in Chicago, Googling “plumbers in Chicago” might deliver some viable results. You can leverage client reviews to gain meaningful insights that’ll inform your decision. Alternatively, you can ask for word-of-mouth referrals from your loved ones or check your local hardware store for the contact information of local plumbers. Keep an eye out for a plumbing contractor with a proven track record for delivering top-notch plumbing services.

Prepare a temporary kitchen.


It always helps to have a temporary kitchen in a separate room during the remodeling. As you know, kitchen remodeling projects can take several weeks to complete. Start by moving your essential kitchen equipment into another room to serve as a makeshift dining area. Also, prepare a makeshift kitchen countertop for meal prepping.

We also recommend moving your fridge into your temporary kitchen so you can store your food supplies and leftovers. You might also want to consider buying a personal ice maker. This is especially handy if you’re remodeling in the summer. You can have cold drinks with clear ice cubes to cool you down.

Finding the best ice maker can be overwhelming, considering the many commercial ice makers available in the market. A good option is the Countertop Ice Maker that features a 2.2-liter water reservoir. Additionally, the portable ice maker can carry 1.5 pounds of ice and produce small or large ice cubes in under 10 minutes. A stand-out feature of the Countertop Ice Maker is its automatic shut-off mechanism. Whenever ice melts, the machine reuses the water to produce fresh cubes.

Best of all, a warning light comes on whenever the water tank gets filled or requires refilling. Countertop Ice Maker’s compact size makes it an excellent addition to your temporary kitchen. What’s more, the ice maker comes with a handy serving ice scoop.

Clear your kitchen early.


Try to clear up the kitchen early. The general contractor, interior designer, and architect need ample space to work. Pack up items like wall decorations, pans and pots, and appliances you may not need until the remodeling is done and place them into storage. To mitigate any damages, you might want to keep the storage items in another room until after the remodeling work is complete. Lastly, consider getting rid of items that won’t be useful after the remodeling.