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3 Ways Your Country Club Can Attract New Members

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Country clubs are very common in the United States. They’re mostly privately owned and are known for providing recreational and social facilities to members. You can find various facilities like a tennis court, a swimming pool, and an upscale restaurant. If you’re a country club owner looking to grow your membership and offer more than just the mentioned services, here are a few tips below.

1. Use electronic access control (EAC).

If you must beat the competition and win new members, your club will have to provide better services and safety. Attracting new members demands strategic planning and conscious effort to improve security. There’s no denying that security is a vital concern for many club members, seeing that the vast majority tend to be affluent. They will attain full membership if your club offers good amenities that help them feel secure.

To ensure top security of people, possessions, and recreational properties, many clubs use an access control system. Access control has two types: electronic access control system and physical access control. Before now, access control only functioned through a mechanical lock and a mechanical key or physical access that control operations through personnel or a turnstile device. Unlike the early access control, the electronic access control replaces mechanical locks and keys with credentials like fingerprints.

You can prevent theft if the property is guarded with closed doors that have magnetic locks. For example, if unauthorized personnel forces a door open or closed, the electronic access control triggers the alarm informing the country’s club attendants. It shouldn’t be a bother if authorized personnel at the club forget their smart card as long as they remember their password.

2. Offer fun, family-focused activities.

Ideally, a country club ought to possess an equipped golfing center. Most people view these clubs as a place to spend holidays and vacations. Essentially, this type of club provides a safe spot for relaxation and recreational activities. While there may be many country clubs in your locality, your establishment can stand out and attract members from all over the world if you play your cards right.

One way to achieve that is to equip your club with different sporting centers, like the swimming pool, golf court, or tennis center. Also, you would need to initiate outdoor and indoor activities. There should also be an irresistible selection of diverse menu options in the dining rooms. No doubt good food is fundamental. If the club has enough landmass, it could serve as a wedding venue for wedding ceremonies. You can also consider hiring expert wedding coordinators who will organize the whole event.

If you reside in New York City, consider spending time at the Country Club in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, to gain valuable insights. They have the perfect venue for private parties, and golfers should love its facilities.

3. Don’t forget the loyalty rewards.


Your country club should offer plenty of rewards to loyal members. This isn’t only vital to significantly enhancing customer loyalty, retention, and brand identity. It also works great as a “thank you” gift to members for choosing your services.

The process of organizing loyalty reward programs doesn’t have to be daunting. You can be upfront and send a newsletter to current members thoroughly outlining the rewards program. More than likely, they already know people who might be interested in joining your club. Better to give these people referral cards to recruit potential new members who are most likely to show interest. Giving incentives to current club members or staff members when they invite a person helps you grow your membership. Furthermore, members will have more buddies to enjoy their pastimes with.