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How Pools Affect Home Value Depending on What Region You Live In

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Most people love to swim in the water to cool off on a hot, leisurely summer day. For many homeowners, taking a dip in the water from the comfort and familiarity of their backyard any time they want to can be convenient and ideal. The presence of a pool in the backyard can eliminate the need to spend time packing up towels, floats, and sunscreen, visiting a community pool, or searching for a beach or other destination. In fact, according to a 2018 study, the addition of a new swimming pool to a property encouraged an estimated 92 percent of homeowners to stay home more often.

As a homeowner, you’ll have to consider how much it will cost you to turn your fantasies of a backyard oasis into a reality and have a pool built and maintained. Such a decision may require you to think about the resale value of your property, as well. Will adding a pool to your backyard increase your property’s home value, therefore making it easier to list your home on the market?

Depending on your location in the United States and the specific community in which you reside, and other factors listed below, choosing to add a swimming pool could actually raise your home’s property value.

Which neighborhood do you live in?


Your neighborhood is a crucial factor that can determine whether or not the addition of a swimming pool will increase your home’s value. If you live in a higher-end community where many other houses already have a swimming pool installed, a pool may be an excellent addition that improves your home’s value.

How big is your yard?


It’s in your best interest to make sure that the pool they have built matches their property and is an appropriate size compared to the rest of their outdoor living space. If you’re planning to plan to sell your home you should keep in mind that having a pool that’s too large for the property size can overwhelm prospective buyers rather than attract them. During the pool installation process, double-check that enough yard space remains around the pool for there to be spots for a playground, garden, or patio. You also don’t want your inground pool to get in the way of other landscaping you may have in your outdoor living space.

Is a swimming pool appropriate for your climate?

You should include your property’s location and climate into your swimming pool installation plans and pool budget. For instance, homeowners living in states with cooler temperatures or snow, such as Montana or South Dakota, can have a pool installed. Still, it’s unlikely to increase their property’s home value. When living in southern states or those with warmer climates, like Florida, home buyers, residents, and guests likely have a greater need to stay poolside and relax.

Whether living in Pasco County, Hillsborough County, or Pinellas County — the latter two being counties in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area — Floridians experience sunlight and heat in abundance and many opt for a custom swimming pool to enjoy during the many hot months.

It’s best for homeowners to leave swimming pool installation up to the best swimming pool contractor and installation project manager, experienced in pool design and constructing, remodeling, and maintaining custom pools. Searching for and consulting the best of pool building companies Tampa offers enables homeowners to receive a custom pool for their property. The best swimming pool contractors and swimming pool builders in the Tampa area consistently do a great job building an attractive, high-quality custom pool that will serve as an excellent place to beat the heat and a stylish property addition that enhances home value.