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5 Tips for Attracting New Customers to Your Restaurant

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The foodservice industry has been experiencing some hard times in New York City and around the country. Diners are staying hidden away in their homes and restaurants are hurting. The USDA has asserted that your food products are safe from spreading COVID-19, so the only question is making customers feel safe and welcome in the space of your restaurant and able to feel some semblance of normality. Attracting new customers may be a little tricky in the short term but starting now in order to produce buzz around your establishment will see a steady stream of new diners once more people emerge from their safety zones. Here are a few ways to get some new customers in the door to discover how wonderful your food is!

1. Go digital to attract more hungry diners.

Getting online is something that every restaurant needs to do. If you haven’t already started a Facebook page and YouTube channel you are missing out on hundreds or thousands of potential customers. The internet is a playground for free and cheap advertising opportunities and you can gain traction with future frequent diners before they commit to returning to normal habits by posting beautiful pictures of your restaurant and food creations. It’s a simple yet effective way to create enormous buzz around your establishment.

2. Upgrade your kitchen and dining room.

Adding new tables or silverware that makes a splash in your dining area is a great way to entertain and excite your clientele. Creating an updated feel in this customer area can make for a revolutionized eating experience that draws customers in and keeps them coming back for more. Another space to consider updating is the kitchen. Using supplier like Go Food Service to procure both decorative front end and state of the art kitchen equipment will make your dinner guests salivate and your chef brimming with confidence and creative energy to take his or her cooking up to the next level.

3. Offer daily specials that excite your customers.

It’s not enough to create a killer menu, you need to add in the flair and excitement of a daily specials menu to really capture the attention of your customers. Give your chef the tools and latitude to create unique daily specials or weekly inspirations tasting menu. Presenting these as fantastic dining options to guests as they sit down for their meal will create a really special dining experience that makes customers want to return to see what the chef has on tap next.

4. Add statement pieces to the décor.

Creating the perfect atmosphere requires both great food and an eye for design, and you don’t have to break the bank to get some new artwork on the walls. Check out PAINTLoose to find a canvas or two that you can paint yourself, utilizing either primary colors and basic shapes for a geometric feel, a loose acrylic painting style, more classical brushstrokes, or even charcoal and pencils. Showing off your refined palate will give your restaurant the ambiance that you are searching for. Watercolors and acrylics are both great ways to style up your restaurant’s space.

5. Broadcast your safety precautions.

Finally, installing safety precautions and utilizing face shields in order to make your customers feel more protected as they venture into public space will go a long way to making them feel comfortable and happy in your restaurant. Great food and a compassionate atmosphere can help make your clients feel a sense of home and normalcy that is scared in these trying times. This goes a long way to creating a great impression on new customers and will turn many of them into repeat diners. If at all possible, try to offer as much outdoor seating as you can while the weather remains favorable. Outdoor eating has always been a great way to breathe in the nature around us while enjoying fresh creations from a professional kitchen.

Introducing new clients to your menu takes some marketing and innovative design ideas, but it can be done without too much trouble or upfront capital and adds a new refreshing twist to any restaurant.