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Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Aeration in Tucson

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Lawn mowing, weed control, fertilization—these are all important tasks that are needed for a healthy, happy lawn. While the drier climate in Tucson can make it more difficult to grow a green, lush lawn, there are some things you can do to foster growth. One of those is lawn aeration, a process that involves using an aerator machine to poke holes into your grass. Learn more about lawn aeration in Tucson and how it benefits your residential or commercial property below.

Why Aeration Is Important

You may not have heard much about aeration, but the fact is that it’s one of the most important lawn care processes. Without it, your grass may fail to be strong and can become susceptible to threats to its health. Over time, the soil underneath your grass becomes compacted due to people walking on the lawn, cars driving over the grass, and more. When that soil is compacted, it becomes hard and dry, making it difficult for grass to establish strong, long roots.

When grass can’t create a strong root system, it becomes weak. This desert climate is already dry, meaning you likely use an irrigation system, but watering unhealthy grass can end up being a complete waste of money. If your grass can’t fight off lawn diseases, lawn insects, and other problems, then it will begin to die. That’s where aeration comes into the picture. Common lawn diseases and insects in Tucson include:

  • Brown Patches
  • Leaf Spots
  • Pythium Blights
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Grubs
  • Leafhoppers

Left unchecked, any of these threats can swiftly decimate your grass in just mere days, which can be frustrating, especially when it’s already difficult to get grass growing in a desert environment. A lawn care professional will be trained to spot any signs of these problematic diseases or insects and can figure out the best way to treat them if you do have them. However, the best method is prevention—keep them away by keeping your grass strong by aerating it and employing other lawn maintenance best practices.

Either in the fall or late spring, it’s recommended to use a core aeration machine that runs across the grass, pulling up plugs of soil as it goes. This process helps to relieve compaction, and it can also help remove any buildup of dead grass and plant material, also known as thatch. A lawn care or lawn maintenance expert can work with you to determine the best aeration schedule for your Tucson lawn.

Why You Need a Healthy Lawn

Any homeowner knows that it’s important to be invested in their property, and that includes the outside of your home, too. Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we all started spending a lot more time at home. Some of the most popular home renovations in 2020 including kitchen remodels DIY home office reorganization, and more.

While it was good to focus on these types of renovation projects inside the home, another home improvement project you should consider is giving your lawn a makeover. Any real estate agent will tell you that the outside of your home is what makes the first impression to anyone visiting the property. If the outside looks unkempt and disheveled, that perception will carry into the rest of your home. It may be beneficial for property owners in Tucson, AZ, and surrounding areas to consider adding lawn care to their list of popular home makeovers during the pandemic. A well-cared-for lawn will leave your guests with a good overall impression and can even boost your property value, should you decide to sell your home at some point in the future.