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A Look at Different Legal Professions

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The legal profession is one of the most respected in the world. For centuries, attorneys have been fighting for individuals, families, governments, businesses, special interest groups, and more, all to ensure the rights of their clients. It also doesn’t hurt that providing legal services is a lucrative trade.

From San Diego, CA to Portland, ME, people need legal advice on everything from spouse and child support to human rights and corporate legal processes. If you plan to become an attorney someday, your first step is choosing what kind of legal services you want to focus on providing and learning as much about your chosen field as possible. Continue reading to learn about some of the many legal professions.

Family Law


Family law is one of the most fundamental types of law because it’s all about protecting the best interests of the family nucleus. The divorce process is fraught with child custody and spousal support disputes as well as property division battles. Not only do divorce lawyers help clients every step of the way through the divorce process, but they also deal with emancipation, adoption, and paternity cases as well.

Divorce attorneys must have a firm grasp of the law, but it’s equally important for them to understand the many dynamics of family relationships. Mediation requires a delicate touch in family cases, but that’s something you’ll learn in the courtroom rather than law school. It’s not hard to find a divorce attorney in San Diego, but spouses locked in heated family law matters need a mediator who can be sensitive to the situation and tough for their clients.

Human Rights


Human rights lawyers are among the most celebrated legal professionals in the United States for many great reasons. They have helped to accomplish many amazing things from the ending of slavery to women’s suffrage and advocacy for victims of police brutality and racial violence.

As a human rights attorney, Malliha Wilson has fought for the rights of indigenous people and even served on the Native Affairs Secretariat for Ontario. She’s a prime example of an attorney who’s used her law degree and passion for people to help fight for equality. She’s stated that one of her main goals is to open more opportunities in the legal field for other people of color. As you can see, human rights attorneys like Malliha do a lot to earn the celebrity they often garner.

Corporate Law


You always need legal representation when you’re dealing with millions, or billions, of dollars of other people’s money. Corporate lawyers work hard to sure that the next step is the best step for their corporate clients and are paid handsomely for it.

If you’ve seen the legal drama Suits, you’ve seen Hollywood’s take on corporate lawyers and their trade, but Hollywood can’t fully depict the influence corporate lawyers wield. Of course, they’re powerbrokers who oversee mergers and corporate takeovers, but they also help corporations remain in compliance with federal regulations and protect their clients’ physical, financial, and intellectual assets.

Personal Injury Lawyer


If you’ve ever watched television for more than 15 minutes, the chances are you’ve seen an advertisement for a personal injury attorney or law firm, probably ending in the phrase, “One call, that’s all!” The fact of the matter is that when people get injured due to the fault of someone else, the fault party should pay.

Whether someone gets injured on the job, in an accident, or in a business, they have a right to compensation, and personal injury lawyers have won millions for their clients. In auto accident cases, they can typically get their client at least 2 or 3 times more money than the insurance company is willing to offer.

As you can see, there are numerous opportunities in the legal field. If you have aspirations of becoming an attorney, the most important thing is to choose the best option for you according to your passion and goals.