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What to Know When You Move During the Summer

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There are pros and cons to moving during different times of the year. For instance, in the winter, it’s much easier to score on discounted housing prices because fewer people want to deal with packing up a moving truck and battling the snow at the same time. On the other hand, other people avoid moving in the spring because allergy season begins and real estate prices creep up.

Moving in the summer has its own advantages and disadvantages, too. It also means that you need a season-specific moving plan to speed up the process. Here’s what you need to know about moving in the summer.

Hire movers if you can.


Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, there are plenty of reasons to consider movers when you’re relocating over the summer. After all, moving is stressful, intense work. If you’re not much for lifting heavy objects or you’ve been skipping arm day at the gym, movers can help you get your belongings from place to place. Plus, it’s harder to battle the heat and your furniture during the summer if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most moving companies understand best practices and can get your stuff settled much more effectively.

A common issue, however, is that it’s hard to find quality moving companies. If you’re looking for movers, consider companies like 495 Movers that conduct background checks on movers, help you with your initial quote, and offer quick, effective service. It isn’t a good idea to trust your possessions to any old movers. Instead, look for reputable companies that can treat your belongings with the care they deserve. During the summer months, it can save you time, money, and a whole lot of sweat.

Anticipate common household issues.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting settled in your new living space only to find out the AC or refrigerator doesn’t work. Whether you’re trying to avoid summer heat pump issues or you’re keeping your HVAC technician on standby, there are a few common and fixes you should understand during the summer months. Often, these issues require an HVAC professional to resolve. For instance, as the outdoor temperature starts to climb, your system is more susceptible to heat pump problems. So naturally, this can lead to some costly heat pump repair expenses and even replacement costs.

Other times, a new home might struggle with the in-house airflow. If you’re having issues getting cool air throughout the home, your HVAC system may be stuck in heat mode, there may be too much moisture in the air, or you could even have a refrigerant leak. First, check refrigerant levels and determine any possible causes if you can. Then, you’ll know what to say to HVAC techs to get your new living quarters in order. Even with the help of movers, you don’t want to be unboxing appliances and unpacking clothing in a house that feels as hot as the outdoor temperature.

Have utilities set up ahead of time.


Another major problem some homeowners face is their utility start dates. Certain electricity providers, for instance, are notorious for failing to turn on the power in time. This can lead to difficulties with your HVAC, refrigerator, and other appliances. It can also mean that you won’t be able to charge your devices, access the internet, or set up other in-home services.

Naturally, this can be frustrating. If you want to avoid a move-in day service call, set up your utilities ahead of time. Since the summer months get so busy, this is the best way to ensure that you miss out on an install appointment or required meter reading.

With a few savvy tips, it’s that much easier to move during the summer. Between hiring movers and setting up services, there are ways to make the whole process simpler for everyone.