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What Is a Bad Faith Attorney?

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When you purchase a policy from an insurance company, it’s considered a binding contract between the two parties. Both the policyholder and the insurance company are contractually obligated to act in good faith and hold up their end of the bargain. When the policyholder makes a valid claim, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to try to deny coverage or convince you to settle for less than you are owed. However, this is considered a breach of contract, and it is referred to as bad faith practice. If you find that you may have a valid bad faith insurance claim because your insurance policy has been breached in any way, you’ll want to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Finding a bad faith insurance attorney.


It can be challenging to tell if your insurance company is acting in bad faith, but there are attorneys that specialize in these types of cases that can determine if you have enough for a bad faith claim. At the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, LLC you can find an insurance bad faith attorney in Denver with extensive experience. The law firm’s trial lawyers specialize in personal injury and bad faith cases. If your insurance company fails to act in good faith, Paul Wilkinson and his team of bad faith lawyers offer free consultations to plaintiffs and can give you the legal advice you need. Their legal team only collects attorney fees if your bad faith case is won.

When you contact the firm, they’ll offer you a free initial consultation in order to find out if you have a legitimate claim and that your insurance company has in fact acted in bad faith. Before Paul Wilkinson was a personal injury and bad faith lawyer, he worked for an insurance company as an adjuster, so he has experienced insurance companies’ day-to-day operations and knows the most effective legal action to take for an insurance dispute. The Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, LLC. has the plaintiff’s best interest in mind when it comes to bad faith cases. Their goal is to get the plaintiff the fair compensation they’re owed from their initial insurance claim and a fair settlement for punitive damages.

Why should you move forward with an attorney?


Bad faith and personal injury lawyers know that the outcome of your bad faith lawsuit can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Oftentimes these cases involve insurance companies trying to delay payments that the policyholder needs for medical bills and other expenses. Without these payouts from their insurance provider people risk financial ruin, or they may even refuse medical treatment in order to avoid staggering hospital bills. If you ever find yourself in this situation and are unsure of the details of your policy agreement, it’s crucial to seek legal advice from a third party personal injury attorney. This way you can move forward with your bad faith insurance claim and get the treatment you need without worrying about the cost.

It’s important to remember that insurance companies are businesses, and they’re out to make a profit. They can’t do that if they constantly have to make large payouts. Therefore, they use tactics such as delaying payments and breaching the terms of your policy by denying that you have insurance coverage for certain incidents. Remember that your insurance company doesn’t own you, and they don’t get to change the terms of the policy or premiums to avoid paying you. When you purchase an insurance policy, your insurer is obligated to protect you and your best interests. If your insurance company fails to do so, legal action is necessary in order to protect your rights.