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Tips for Operating a Cartridge Filling Machine

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Vaping has become more popular than ever, as people look for a substitute for tobacco smoking or marijuana use. However, when it comes to filling vape cartridges, the process can be a lot to undertake. Some companies have turned to cartridge filling machines to better provide customers with oils and distillates quicker and easier, not to mention as safely as possible. Here are some tips for operating these filling machines with great ease and upkeep.

Don’t rely on a machine that can’t meet your demands.


If you’re a company that specializes in vape oils or CBD products, you may want to invest in a cartridge filling machine that makes fulfilling orders easier than ever. Some cannabis retailers may also prefer this option to better help the vaping community have their needs met. Vape cartridge filling machines are designed to keep up with the demand for vape pens and vape pods. These cartridge fillers are accurate, but you’ll want to make sure that when you invest in a unit that it will be able to meet the needs of your operations.

Vape cartridge filler machines are designed to handle all viscosities of oils to ensure the best quality vapor possible for users. These machines are best for all cartridges including disposable 510 threaded cartridges, Pax pods, or CCell. If needed, CBD companies can make good use of a filling machine that comes with a consistent heating element that offers the shortest travel path for the oil, from e-juice to Delta-8 concentrates. However, if you need to upgrade, you can look into changing up your machine or exploring replacement parts to make you better adapt to meet customers’ needs.

Regular cleaning is key.


While a cartridge filling machine can help to cut overhead costs for greater profitability of your bottom line, you want to make sure that you are providing the purest vaporizer cartridges possible for users. You’ll want to use a natural cleaner that can cut through thicker substances. This is particularly necessary if you’re dealing with CBD or THC oil distillate concentrate, as those terpenes can clog up machines, causing enough damage to not only slow down an automatic machine but also compromise the integrity of the products you’re trying to sell.

Oil filling machines and vape cartridge machines alike need to be scrubbed of any live resin, but the process is easy with regular maintenance thanks to the stainless steel equipment that these machines are made from. The integrity of product is only further benefitted by a combination of product quality and eco-friendly containment, including vials and jars. Meeting the specific requirements that vape users are seeking is the only way to ensure returning customers.

Rely on airtight sealing to keep kids out.


The goal for CBD and cannabis companies is to provide products that will always be exceeding expectations for customers. However, as much as vape users want to have the right fit for their needs, you want to make sure that the right fit isn’t easily accessible to those who shouldn’t have access to it. In addition to a cartridge filling machine, companies should invest in shrink sleeve labeling and airtight sealing machines to make sure that children are kept out of these custom options from a CBD company.

While production time and increased demand ramps up, you’ll want to have a cartridge capping machine that makes sure a product is getting to a customer safely, but also isn’t easy for a child to get their hands on. This will also offer reliability in the products that users have their hands-on, but also make sure that retailers aren’t compromised in the product they can sell.