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Low-Cost Ways to Boost Business and Generate Sales

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Sales figures, profit margins, ROI, and other crucial metrics can inform entrepreneurs how much money their companies make, if their pricing strategies and methods of controlling costs work, and which products are high-selling or low-selling. Some small business owners may notice inconsistencies in their sales. Sales may be through the roof, exceeding business goals one month, and by the next month, they could decline. To save money and generate sales, business owners should implement low-cost solutions to improve their business operations.

Entrepreneurs can boost their businesses and generate sales by making their call centers and customer service departments efficient, reaching customers and prospective clients through social media sites, and search engine optimization.

Increase Call Center Efficiency

Providing pleasant calling experiences for customers is essential because customer service interactions can be make-or-break experiences that influence someone’s choice to proceed with or forgo purchases.

Customers call into call centers for assistance when making purchases, and agents call current and prospective clients for sales, research, fundraising, and telemarketing. As the center of company-customer interactions, call centers should utilize efficient technology that can maximize productivity.

Businesses should consider implementing ringless voice mail drops by Stratics Networks, the creators of such technology, to increase customer outreach. Voicemail drops allow companies to send voicemail messages to telephone prospects without placing a call. This technology enables companies to maximize telephone outreach and minimize the time and resources they use in the process. With Stratics Networks, businesses can send an unlimited amount of non-nuisance voicemail drops without restrictions on delivery times and days.

Entrepreneurs can enable their company call center agents to connect with many customers at once by using robust, innovative technology by Bright Pattern, the leading provider of enterprise contact center software. Bright Pattern’s software can combine with IT service management (ITSM) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications such as the Oracle Service Cloud. Oracle call center software enables identification, search, screen pop functionality, and the creation of Oracle Service Cloud items based on interaction data. The omnichannel communication platform by Bright Pattern, the first of its kind, uses real-time statistics and makes it easy to switch communication channels when necessary. Unlike competitors’ multichannel software, Bright Pattern’s omnichannel software compiles and updates information in real-time, letting customers experience seamless switches from phone calls to emails, texts, or live chats with the same agent.

Advertise Through Social Media

Many American adults use the Internet and social media, and access websites through various electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Companies can create a social media account and make posts promoting their goods and services to benefit from the prevalent use of social media and the web. Making posts and connecting with clients, business professionals, and affiliates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram increases a company’s social media presence. In addition to reaching millions of people at once, social media advertising is beneficial because it’s free. Business owners who wish to increase their company’s online visibility can implement low-cost ways to pay for promotions and advertisements on social media sites that align with their customers’ online behaviors.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics increase a company’s web visibility in search engine results. When websites are visible in Internet search results, they’re more likely to attract visitors. The Demand Gen Report stated that 47 percent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before contacting a sales representative (2016). Including relevant search terms and trending topics into web content can improve a site’s search engine ranking and increase web traffic.

Using keywords that people could include in their Internet searches when looking for information on a company’s niche can help companies rank higher. Seventy-five percent of Internet users don’t look beyond the first page of search results. For this reason, high-ranking sites tend to generate purchases. Sixty-four percent of Internet users searched products they considered buying, and 65 percent of people used their smartphones when they were in spending moods.

Making business operations efficient, advertising, and increasing online visibility can boost businesses and generate sales without breaking the bank.