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How To Revamp Your Living Space

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With quarantine being a part of everyone’s daily lives, you’ve likely been spending a lot more time inside your home. Spending that much time in one place can cause a little restlessness if you’re not careful. Being busy and not spending much time in your house means that you don’t have to stare at your home interior all day long, so you don’t get tired of it as quickly. Things are different with quarantine, however, and if you’re not careful, you might get a little bored with your current home decor situation.

In order to alleviate the boredom and restlessness, you may be feeling from being inside for extended periods of time, you might need to go on a walk. If that isn’t helping, then you should consider some options for revamping your living space. Self-care doesn’t always have to include a hot shower and a face mask, although a long soak in the bathtub is necessary every once in a while. Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery in your home. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

New Bathroom Appliances


With all the time you’ve been spending in the bathroom trying new self-care methods this quarantine, the setting might be starting to lose its spark. If you have the means to do so, it might be time for you to renovate the space by getting some new bathroom supplies.

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Retail Therapy


While your value is not based on the things you own, it really doesn’t hurt to do a little shopping. The first go-to is to shop for clothing, but at this point, you know you’ve impulsively purchased enough trendy dresses for at least three people. Now that the closet is full, consider holding off on buying clothing. It might be time for some new decor.

Nothing revamps a space quite like a new lamp shade, one or two decorative knick-knacks to set on an empty surface, or some new pillow shams. Here’s a little secret for you—you don’t need to buy new decorative pillows for your couch. All you have to do is buy some new shams to put on top of your current ones, and then suddenly it’s like you have a new couch. The same goes for lamps, too. Lampshades and pillow shams are a lot cheaper than getting entirely new ones, but they have the exact same effect on how they change a space.

New Tincture


Maybe your space needs a new look, or maybe you’re a little tense. Strict quarantining can be quite stressful and may cause sleeplessness or muscle tension. You might need to look into a natural remedy such as CBD oils, topicals, and tinctures. An all-natural CBD tincture for muscle inflammation might be the key to improving your overall wellness.

Hemp doesn’t mean that there is THC found in a formula. Hemp extract, natural terpenes, essential oils with flavonoids, natural flavors, and other natural ingredients without the psychoactive side effects from THC are what make CBD products so unique. Whether they’re applied topically or ingested with a dropper, hemp CBD cannabinoid oils will potentially provide you with the side effect of relaxation. While none of the effects of CBD are fully proven, CBD products are FDA regulated and are safe for you to explore if you’re curious about what these products can do for your overall wellness. Always consult your doctor before ingesting a new substance.

Sometimes it takes a bathroom renovation, sometimes it takes a simple pillow sham, and sometimes it takes a little self-care, but no matter what approach you decide to take, you’ll be able to successfully revamp your living space.