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Buying IPv4 Addresses and Other Ways to Make Money at Home

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The coronavirus lockdowns have taken their toll on millions of Americans. Before, we could roam outside freely, attend work and school, and shop without the fear of contracting a potentially deadly virus. It’s enough to make even the most adventurous of us quit the corporate grind and look for alternative employment from the comfort of home in our sleep shirts.

This is truly a reality. Work from home opportunities are on the rise and was even before we were all shut out of the office. There are some quasi-traditional opportunities for businesspeople looking to get off the carousel of routines and meetings, and other options that allow for a free spirit to make your own way in the universe while exploring the things that interest you the most.

Choose writing as a way of life.

One of the fastest-growing revenue streams available to anyone with an internet connection and the desire to share is blogging. There are an estimated 500 million blogs out there, but the vast majority of them sit idly as their creators gave up and moved on — probably back to the corporate world. Blogging takes dedication, and growing your audience in order to make money can take months or even years. But there is truly serious money to be made in this space if you consistently create interesting content that people want to read. Consistency is key here. If you give up you will never make it, so continuing to persist even when it feels like you will never crack that next milestone is the surest way to ensure that your blog becomes successful.

Opt to ride the stock market.

Trading commodities is one of the oldest professions out there. The stock market presents some fantastic opportunities to make your money work for you. If you’ve been saving during the years you spent behind a desk then you may have access to significant startup capital and an already healthy understanding of the market itself.

Trading comes in many forms though. Commodities, stocks, even cryptocurrencies are there for the taking. Beginning to beef up your portfolio may be the perfect way to spend your days relaxing in your pajamas while making a killing watching your cash grow itself through multiple investment streams.

Straddle the fence of multiple opportunities.

One of the most interesting developments in recent years is the selling of websites. A successful blog may bring you in a thousand dollars or more every month, but the opportunity to sell the IPv4 address associated with the page is a really intriguing way to cash in and grow with the next opportunity.

The “internet of things” (IoT) concept has created an outsized need for IPv4 addresses. Originally conceived during the ARPANET days in the internet’s infancy, IPv4 addresses are the roadmap that directs a reader to a specific location on the internet. The IP address acts as both the guide to the site and the legal name of its content container. Because of this relationship, your IP address and website traffic act in partial tandem to create a valuable commodity that is growing in scarcity as IPv4 locations run out all over the globe. The IPv6 iteration has been created as a workaround for this dwindling number of digital locations. However, there is a compatibility issue that keeps IPv4 from fading into irrelevance, and may even prove the older concept more valuable than any new technological developments in the field. Selling a profitable website for an exponentially larger sum than you make on a monthly basis is a great way to offload a valuable commodity like you would with a stock.

However, you may be able to retain a sizeable mailing list in order to jumpstart the next venture you engage in, making the sale of a site a great return on your investment of time and energy that can translate to even greater future gains.

Working from home doesn’t have to be boring, with a little innovation you can provide for yourself while doing the things that interest you most.