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5 Tips That’ll Make Your Move So Much Easier

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Making a big move is never easy, which is why moving is considered one of the most significant stressors in a person’s life. While every move is different and impacted by a range of factors, your move will typically include buying a new home, selling your old home, packing all of your belongings, moving everything you own to the new house, and then unpacking everything. There is a lot of logistical work that needs to be done to ensure your move coordinates with the buying and selling of homes. If you’re moving long-distance, the logistics are even more intense.

Here are five tips that’ll make your move easier.

1. Learn everything you can about the market.

Selling your home and buying a new home in a different location can be scary, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area you’re moving to. For example, moving from any of the mainland states to Hawaii can be a tremendously nerve-wracking experience. You are unfamiliar with the neighborhoods, market, local lenders, moving assistance, and everything else you need to know when moving. Nalula Real estate strives to bring transparency to the real estate industry by exposing critical data and market trends that may impact your buying decisions. While there are many real estate websites and resources out there, Nalula keeps the buyer at the heart of their mission at a business.

2. Take a trusted friend to look at houses with you.

if you are not well-versed in housing standards and maintenance, take a trusted friend with you, who knows about those things. While the home you’re interested in will go through an inspection before your purchasing, identifying problems before the inspection stage can save you a lot of time and frustration. You can rule out homes immediately that aren’t up to the standards you’re looking for in a new home. If you’re open to buying a home that needs work, your friend can help you to understand what will need to be done and the potential renovation costs.

3. Find a lender you can work with.

There are so many different mortgage lenders that choosing one may feel overwhelming, especially when they’re all trying to sell you their services. Choose a company that makes you feel comfortable. For example, St. Mary’s Credit Union strives to educate its customers about its financial products. You can go online and read their mortgage 101 tools, tips, and information to learn more about mortgages regardless of whether or not you use them as your lender.

4. Use a professional relocation company.

One of the many things that make moving so stressful is that there are so many things you need to remember and consider. Solomon & Sons have built its business on making moving easier for everyone. They offer a full suite of moving services, from providing trucks and movers to prepping furniture to completely packing up all of your belongings for you. Based out of Florida, their team travels all over the country safely delivering and unpacking your belongings. You can learn more about their services at ssrelocation.com. Professional relocation companies understand how stressful a move can be, especially when moving out of state or across the country.

5. Rely on stress-relief techniques that work for you.

Moving has been identified as one of the top ten stressors in life. Even when you are prepared and utilizing a professional and experienced relocation company, moving is stressful. The best way to make your move easier is to rely on stress-relief techniques that work for you. You can pray, meditate, exercise, read, listen to music, or spend time in nature. There is no right or wrong answer to de-stressing. Any activity that results in you feeling less stressed and allows you to stop obsessing over the things you can’t control is positive and should be practiced before, during, and after the move.