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5 Things That Make an Attorney Stand Out

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Attorneys have a difficult job. They must work tirelessly to defend their clients while presenting the facts and maintaining their moral compass and the letter of the law. This means that attorneys can’t lie in court to serve their own selfish ends.

They can’t operate outside of the authority granted to them as a custodian of their client’s best interests either: Say for instance to intimidate a witness for the opposing side, take a plea that their client objects to, or reintroduce previously expelled evidence in order to taint a jury’s impartial responsibility in their favor. Whether you’re looking for legal advice and an attorney in Stroudsburg, PA or you are working your way through the final gasps of law school, there are a number of signs that set great lawyers apart from the rest. Read on to understand five things that can teach you how to pick or become a rock solid conduit for legal advice.

1. Personal injury lawyers are personable.


With years of experience in the practice of litigation, the profile of a personal injury attorney should include significant interpersonal skills. These types of lawyers provide more than just a legal service to their clients. Legal counsel is about great legal advice, but it also demands a proactive approach to recovery after an injury, compensation for negligence, and compassion for the victim.

2. Attorneys let their accomplishments speak for, but not define, them.


Attorneys like Malliha Wilson, a Canadian attorney born in Sri Lanka and boasting years of experience in the courtroom dealing with complex litigation and precedent setting cases, have storied pasts. Wilson is a high profile name in Canadian legal service circles, having presented cases to the Supreme Court of Canada. She served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General for the Ontario government and was the first visible minority holder of that role in Canadian history. Wilson has gone on to found her own law firm, Nava Wilson LLP, and is continuing to bring her considerable skillset and compassionate approach to the field with each client she advises.

Yet Wilson and others like her allow their present to drive them forward. The past is a talking point and a place of reference. Attorneys who live within their former glories may find themselves falling behind their peers in the long run.

3. Free consultations are a game changer.


Many law firms offer free initial consultations to discuss the specifics of a case. This helps the firm build a profile surrounding the person and their unique legal needs. Those in search of a great legal mind to help them navigate a divorce, car accident, or arrest often end up sticking with an attorney that was willing to meet with them, no strings attached. Offering this service is a great way to build rapport and steadily bring in new clients.

4. Support staff makes a world of difference to lawyers.


Law firms are enormous operations. The average litigator studies hundreds or thousands of casebooks over the course of their life, and a whole segment of the law school education and onboarding process is dedicated to the appropriate reading of these monstrosities. This is why support staff is so important to a smoothly operating law firm, and attorneys appreciate them, regardless of their practice area. There are a thousand tiny processes going on throughout the daily grind that a lawyer faces, and a great receptionist, superb paralegals, and other support elements make for a fantastic client experience. Look for these features.

5. An understanding approach gets results.


Lastly, an approach that prioritizes an understanding view of the client’s case and needs is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a great lawyer. All too often, professionals in all disciplines forget about the human elements that make up our daily interactions. Being understanding when it comes to the problems and needs of the client is a huge bonus in pursuing a successful legal career or individual case.

Look for these elements in an attorney in order to get the most out of your experience with the law.