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3 Ways To Renovate Your Home for Better Mental Health

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Mental health is a personal issue for most people which they deal with day after day. Mental stability includes a wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior. It’s also seen as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological, social, and emotional well-being. There are many factors that can affect a person’s mental stability as they go about their daily life. These might include (though are not limited to), childhood abuse, social isolation, experiencing discrimination, a social disadvantage (poverty, debt), bereavement, poor physical health, and severe or long-term stress.

The numbers also tell a story of how many people are affected by poor mental balance. As of 2019, 20.6% of U.S. adults experienced issues with mental stability. These total to approximately 51.5 million people out of 328.2 million people in the United States and represent 1 in 5 adults. 5.2% of adults in the United States experienced serious mental illness in 2019 (13.1 million people). This represents 1 in 20 adults. There are many treatments that can be utilized to help a person dealing with mental illness through options like therapy sessions and prescribed medication. There are also various other methods that can assist in helping a person’s mental stability. One method which we’ll discuss is through renovating your home. Check out three ways you can renovate your home for better mental health.

1. Home Painting

There are many forms of therapy that can help with treating mental illness. Some of these treatments include CBT therapy, humanistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and holistic therapy. For instance, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a therapy form that is a collaborative, time-limited, structured approach used to treat a variety of mental stability disorders. The goal of this therapy is to help alleviate distress by helping patients to develop more adaptive cognitions (or thoughts) and behaviors. These forms of therapy all are effective in their own ways and can provide some sense of relief for your mental stress at the end of the day.

The home renovation activity of painting can be used in conjunction with CBT therapy. When a person performs the act of painting their home this helps an individual to practice stress relief, expand their creative growth, bolster their memory, enhance their problem-solving skills, while also encouraging emotional growth. Painting your home can also go a long way towards enhancing an optimistic attitude within a person, which can help to build self-confidence in a person who thinks poorly of themselves.

The other encouraging part of painting is that different colors can enhance the mood of people. When you choose which colors that you’ll paint your walls these choices can have a big effect on your mood and behavior. These colors can even go so far as creating personal changes that can have an effect on your life as a whole. When you’re painting it’s helpful to select happy, positive, and encouraging colors for your home. With such colors, your home becomes a space that can help you to have a more positive outlook on life, which can help your mental stability in the long run.

2. Add Windows


Natural sunlight can enrich a person’s mental state. Natural light can help a person to feel better and have a better outlook on life as a whole. Many studies show that both natural and artificial bright light can help a person deal with mental health disorders such as depression, agitation, sleep, circadian rest-activity, and seasonal affective disorder. This is especially the case during the morning hours, as people soak in the morning sun.

When you renovate your home, one of your goals could be to bring in as much natural sunlight into your home as possible by installing new windows. Let’s say you live in Knoxville, Tennessee, and you’re wanting to find options to brighten up your dreary home. You can find Knoxville window installation services in your area to add new windows to your homes for the sake of helping your mental health improve. When you add new windows to your home your mental state can make a marked improvement. You’ll experience more productivity, decreased depression, and improved sleep. Taking the home renovation step of adding more windows to your home can go a long way towards improving your mental health.

3. Kitchen Updates

A kitchen is a place where many people go to relax. Sure, it’s the place where you prepare and cook meals throughout the week. For a lot of people though, this is a room where you can hang out with family, while you pass the time preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is the center of day-to-day living for many people, and it’s a place you also gather with friends and family when they visit your home.

Cooking is also a form of therapy itself. It helps to nourish creativity, while also helping people to feel good about themselves. When you cook you’re providing yourself with a reward at the end of the process, while you are also improving the quality of your life by cooking healthy and nourishing meals. When you cook for others this helps you to feel good in that you are helping other people. Cooking for others can be a way of dealing with social anxiety as you are actively helping others in a social situation.

You want your kitchen to be in the best state possible since the room means a lot for your personal and mental health. You can do this by having your appliances serviced on a regular basis. Maybe your kitchen needs a new refrigerator, a microwave repair, a stove replacement, an oven repair, a washer repair, or a dryer repair. In any of these circumstances find licensed professionals like those who provide appliance repair Red Bluff, CA, or across the United States. This can help to ensure that your kitchen appliances/major appliances function to the best of their ability.

Try updating your kitchen cabinets so your kitchen’s exterior can look its best, while also providing better storage options for your dishes. When you have such failing features as lack of storage, an inconvenient layout, and broken/old appliances, you won’t be too happy with a room that’s known to bring joy and do away with negative thoughts to homeowners. Making kitchen updates can help your mental health in the long run, leaving you feeling that you’ve done a great job.